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15 Things That Will Harm Your Dog (Part 15/15)
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15. Mushrooms

You probably don’t go out of your way to cultivate fungi in your backyard. But you might not do anything about them when you see mushrooms popping up, either. You’ll definitely need to be vigilant if mushrooms tend to grow in the parts of your yard that your dog can access. PetMD reports mushrooms are a common hazard for dogs. Of course, there are many different kinds of mushrooms. Some contain more toxins, or more dangerous toxins, than others. Your dog’s symptoms will depend on the kind of mushrooms he eats and how much he eats. But when you spot mushrooms in the yard, you should remove them.


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14. Mulch

Many gardeners use mulch to keep weeds under control. But you might want to think twice about your annual mulch delivery if you’ve added a furry friend to your family. Gardening Know How explains many dogs like to chew on and even eat mulch. But that can be pretty dangerous. Cocoa mulch, specifically, contains an ingredient called theobromine. The compound smells great to your dog but is toxic to him. Other types of mulch, such as those made from pine, cedar, and hemlock, are less toxic to dogs. But they still pose a choking hazard. Dogs can also have an allergic reaction to mulch. So you should always supervise your dog carefully.


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13. Your vegetable or fruit garden

Even if you’ve checked that all of your ornamental plants are safe for your dog to be around, you might not be off the hook yet. Many of the plants in your vegetable garden can also hurt your dog. The AKC notes the green parts of a tomato plant are poisonous to dogs. And according to the AKC’s list of toxic plants, apple trees, cherry trees, chives, fig trees, garlic, grapefruit trees, leeks, lemon trees, mint, onions, orange trees, peach trees, rhubarb, sweet peas, and tarragon can also poison your dog. Make sure when you plant fruits and veggies for human consumption, you confirm they won’t hurt your dog. Source:

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12. Flowers and ornamental plants

Every gardener who’s also a dog lover knows some plants are dangerous to dogs. But you probably didn’t know exactly how many popular plants are toxic to your canine. You can check out the ASPCA’s extensive list for all the details (and how to puppy-proof your garden). Some common plants to watch out for? American holly, azaleas, begonias, boxwood, buttercups, chrysanthemums, daffodils, dahlias, daisies, elephant ears, and English ivy all make the list. And we aren’t even halfway through the alphabet.


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11. Insecticides and pesticides

“Products that help control insect populations and other pests are also pretty unsafe for your dog. PetMD reports exposure to insecticides, even those that control fleas and ticks, can be toxic to dogs. Poisoning can cause symptoms, ranging from fever and diarrhea to seizures and respiratory failure. The Pet Poison Helpline notes most pesticides and insecticides function as basic irritants to dogs. Most don’t pose a huge poisoning concern unless your dog directly ingests the product. However, some kinds of pesticides can react with other chemicals and are life-threatening for your dog to consume.”