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15 Things That Will Harm Your Dogs (part 2/15)
Posted March 29, 2018 by Https://

2. Sun

”Everybody loves a sunny day, including your dog. But you wouldn’t let your kids play outside in bright sunlight all day with no protection. And you shouldn’t let your dog do so, either. Dogs are susceptible to heat stroke and heat exhaustion. These conditions can have fatal consequences. So it’s important to provide plenty of shade (and fresh water) when your dog is playing outside. And believe it or not, dogs can get sunburned. Dog Guide notes canines can develop skin cancer. Again, make sure your yard has shady areas where your dog can get out of the sun.” 


15 Things That Will Harm Your Dog (part 1/15)
Posted March 22, 2018 by Https://

Over the next 15 weeks we will be talking about things that can harm your dogs in your own backyard. 

1. Fences 

“Wait a minute. Isn’t your fence supposed to keep your dog safe? It should, but some types of fences can actually be dangerous for dogs. Vetinfo reports that though fences are necessary, so-called “invisible” fences can be painfulfor your dog. And electric shock fences can also malfunction, resulting in burns or electrocution. (PETA is against these kinds of fences, too.)

But a more standard kind of fence can also be dangerous for your dog. As Whole Dog Journal notes, some dogs dig under or chew through fences. That can result in injuries for your dog and, obviously, your dog escaping. The solution? Make sure your fence goes at least 6 inches deep. Use mesh to line a fence that your dog wants to chew through. And most importantly, don’t leave your dog unattended in a fenced yard for hours on end.“


DIY Treat Jar
Posted March 15, 2018

We  have decided to add a new form of blogs, we are going to start having a DIY blog! Today, our first DIY of the series, is a treat jar.

What you need:

-Mason Jar; size of your choice, we got a four pack of these fairly large ones at Walmart for $8

-Paint; colors of your choice

-Paint Brushes

How to:

1. Choose your jars, paint colors and brushes

2. Take the lid off of the jar and set aside for now

3. Paint a base color, of your choice, on the jar. I had to do multiple coats of paint because it was a lighter color

4. Set jar aside to dry, grab the lid pieces

5. Paint the lids, again multiple layers will probably need to happen

6. Set lid aside and grab the jar 

7. Paint some paw prints and add a few cute words like, “bark,” “woof” and treats to the jar(and lid if you choose to)

8. Let dry and you have a cute little treat jar to keep your pups favorite treats in!

Send us your recreation of the DIY if you choose to try it 😊

Posted March 08, 2018

What causes a dog to become lame? 


This is a very common problem and can be caused by a variety of issues. They can include but are not limited to: 


• Torn nail

• Sprain

• Soft tissue injury

• Fracture or broken bone 

• Torn ligament

• Bone tumor or cancer



These are just a few of the things that can cause lameness in a dog. If your dog/puppy becomes lame, please take them to the vet as soon as you can and take necessary steps to help them.

Posted March 05, 2018

Dogs and puppies can be so hard to keep entertained sometimes. We were recently scrolling through Facebook and this neat toy popped up. You can keep your dog entertained as well as let them have treats at the same time, that they have to work for! Do you have any toys you use to keep your dogs entertained you want us to know about? Let us know about your toy experience.