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November Blogs

November Blogs
Posted November 26, 2017 by Kara


Image of a tape worm.

"Tapeworms live in the digestive tracts of vertebrates as adults and often in the bodies of various animals as juveniles. In a tapeworm infection, adults absorb food predigested by the host, so the worms have no need for a digestive tract or a mouth. Large tapeworms are made almost entirely of reproductive structures with a small "head" for attachment. Symptoms vary widely, depending on the species causing the infection. The largest tapeworms can be 20 m or longer. Tapeworm awareness is importance to humans because they infect people and livestock. Two important tapeworms are the pork tapeworm and the beef tapeworm."




Paw Prints or No Prints?
Posted November 06, 2017 by Kara

All dogs have paws, whether they are large, small or in between. They all leave their mark on this world as well as our hearts. What if your dog didn't have paws? Think about it for a second.

How would you feel if your dog didn't have a paw(s)? Yes, you would still love them unconditionally but, there would be a piece missing. A piece of their physical body.

What if I told you, not genetic testing your dog was almost as if they were missing a paw? You would imagine what the paw they were missing, looked like the rest of their life. You would be creative and imagine different things in place of it.

With genetic testing, we are able to fill that gap of wonder. We don't have to sit around and wonder what that "paw" would look like. We can know for a fact what it looks like, what affects our puppies/dogs and how to take care of them.

With Paw Print genetics we are able to pinpoint what is in our dogs. The full Aussie panel  can be found on Paw Print Genetics.

Each of these nine can be CLEAR, CARRIERS, or AFFECTED.

With better knowledge of what our dogs have we can better the breed and avoid having a puppy that is a carrier or affected. Just because a dog happens to have one or more of these does not mean you should look at your dog any less, it just means you should be more aware.

With all of this being said, we hope you understand the importance of health testing your dogs, buying dogs that are health tested, or that have health tested parents.