About Colorado Mini and Toy Aussies

About Colorado Mini and Toy Aussies

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Colorado Toy And Mini Aussies breed Toy and Miniature Australian Shepherds. If you have an active family, then this pooch is for you. The breeder socializes and trains the puppies. In addition, the dogs are health screened and up to date on all their shots by a reputable vet. They ensure each puppy is loyal, friendly, and outgoing. The adoption process is easy for everyone.


Hi Y'all!

I'm Anne Getz, breeder here at Colorado Toy and Mini Aussies. My husband, David, and I live in the Colorado Springs area. We have three great adult children but no grandkids yet so the next best thing is to hug and kiss our precious Aussie puppies as they get ready to go to their Forever Homes!

We are Hobby Breeders here at Colorado Toy and Mini Aussies. Our Mommie & Daddie dogs have 40 acres to run and play near Calhan, CO. The puppies are born in our home and are loved on and cuddled every day so they are very well socialized.

Our focus is two-fold here at Colorado Toy and Mini Aussies:

  1. To breed top quality dogs in the areas of confirmation, color, and temperament
  2. To stay true to the traditional “Aussie Type”.

Click here to read the American Stock Dog Registry's Breed Standard for the Standard, Miniature, Toy Australian Shepherd

Aussies are friendly and perpetual puppies who love to play with their human friends.  Loyal and affectionate, they are excellent play buddies for children.  A true friend and companion, they are eager to please and learn very quickly. The Aussie comes in various color choices. The four main ones are red tri-color, black tri-color, red merle, and blue merle. Eye color is brown, blue, amber, or any variation and combination, including flecks and/or marbling.

The Australian Shepherd is a high profile dog here in Colorado because they have been working dogs on sheep and cattle ranches through out the years and that translates well to being the perfect mountain dog! Not to mention they are simply beautiful. We are so excited to be breeding this remarkable dog!  Our hope is that you can catch a bit of the enthusiasm in looking through our website.  Please feel free to email or call us (806-438-3615) if you are interested in a puppy. 

We love to talk “Aussie” and haul "Auss" around here!