Helpful Vaccination Tips

Helpful Vaccination Tips

*******Please note ~ this is a general schedule ~ not a scientific one ~ the best source for your puppy's health is your local veterinarian because different parts of the country have specific guidelines for canine diseases in their area.*******

Before vaccination, your puppy must be free of internal and external parasites and have a normal temperature (101.5 to 102). 

All dogs receive the same dosage regardless of size and/or weight.

SIX WEEKS OF AGE -- 5 way vaccination.  This combination includes Adenovirus cough, Hepatitus, Distemper, Parainfluenza and Parvovirus.

NINE WEEKS OF AGE -- 5 way vaccination.  Same combination as above.

TWELVE WEEKS -- Another 5 way and a Rabies vaccination.

FIFTEEN WEEKS -- Last 5 way vaccination.  YAY!! you are through with the suggested schedule. Now you can take your puppy considered "off limits" before.