Our Puppy Contract

Our Puppy Contract


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  *****Important Note ~ When you purchase a puppy or dog from us, you are agreeing to this contract whether you sign it or not*******


Contract between the seller, Colorado Toy and Mini Aussies, and the buyer, _____________________, said puppy/dog is sold to the buyer on ____________________, at the total price of $________________.  A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $___________was placed on said puppy /dog on the above date, leaving a balance of $_______________ to be paid to the seller before the puppy / dog is shipped or picked up by the buyer. Once the puppy/dog has left the premises of Colorado Mini and Toy Aussies,  there is no refund of the deposit or balance and we can not accept the puppy back on to the premises of Colorad Mini and Toy Aussies.  (Exception is Point #5 below and this fact must be certified in writing by a registered veterinarian).


Date of birth__________________________  Sex____________________ Color_____________________________

1) To the best of my knowledge, said puppy/dog is in good health and sound condition at the time of sale. Buyer has 72 hours from the time of delivery/pick up to have a licensed veterinarian perform a health exam on said puppy/dog. From 4-8 weeks of age the said puppy will have administered to them 5 vaccines from Neo-Tech. Buyer is required to have a licensed veterinarian administer three additional 5-way vaccines to said puppy. If the buyer fails to have a health check performed by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours or fails to continue the vaccines as stated above, this contract will be considered NULL AND VOID. Please keep all shot records from your veterinarian.

2) All puppies are priced as PET QUALITY only. However, this does not mean they are not SHOW QUALITY. To purchases breeding rights, the buyer must add $1500 to the asking price. Otherwise, the puppy is sold as a pet. For a definition of "pet quality," "show quality" & "breeding rights," refer to the FAQ page.   

3) Seller can not guarantee the adult height or weight of any puppy/dog. We do, however, try to determine the height/weight of the puppy based on the height/weight of the sire and dam. Seller also cannot guarantee "perfect Aussie ears". Ears can potentially go up and down several times throughout the first year and land in a different place than where they started. Seller will not be held responsible for this.

4) Health guarantee does not cover any parasite (internal or external) as this is a treatable condition.

5) All of our breeding dogs are genetic tested for the full 9 disease Aussie panel through Paw Print Genetics. Results for each adult dog is posted on our website under their individual profiles. It is the responsibility of the buyer to asertain their puppy's profile based on parents genetic results. We always breed a male and female togther to prevent gentic problems.

6) Only untreatable diseases will be considered under the seller's health guarantee. Each case will be dealt with individually.

7) Medical Care- Seller is in no way responsible for any vet bills incurred after the puppy/dog leaves the care of Colorado Toy and Mini Aussies. 

8) Shipping-we no longer ship via airline but will deliver by vehicle at buyers expense of gas/hotel costs.

9) This contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Colorado. In the event of any dispute, it is agreed that the place of venue shall be El Paso County, Colorado.  All attorney fees shall be paid by the plaintiff. 

10) I, the undersigned buyer, have read, understand, and agree with all the terms and conditions set in this sales contract.

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