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15 Things That Will Harm Your Dog (Part 13/15)

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15 Things That Will Harm Your Dog (Part 13/15)
Posted August 16, 2018 by https://www.cheatsheet.com/culture/things-backyard-hidden-dangers-dog.html/11/

13. Your vegetable or fruit garden

Even if you’ve checked that all of your ornamental plants are safe for your dog to be around, you might not be off the hook yet. Many of the plants in your vegetable garden can also hurt your dog. The AKC notes the green parts of a tomato plant are poisonous to dogs. And according to the AKC’s list of toxic plants, apple trees, cherry trees, chives, fig trees, garlic, grapefruit trees, leeks, lemon trees, mint, onions, orange trees, peach trees, rhubarb, sweet peas, and tarragon can also poison your dog. Make sure when you plant fruits and veggies for human consumption, you confirm they won’t hurt your dog. Source: https://www.cheatsheet.com/culture/things-backyard-hidden-dangers-dog.html/11/