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DIY Treat Jar

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DIY Treat Jar
Posted March 15, 2018

We  have decided to add a new form of blogs, we are going to start having a DIY blog! Today, our first DIY of the series, is a treat jar.

What you need:

-Mason Jar; size of your choice, we got a four pack of these fairly large ones at Walmart for $8

-Paint; colors of your choice

-Paint Brushes

How to:

1. Choose your jars, paint colors and brushes

2. Take the lid off of the jar and set aside for now

3. Paint a base color, of your choice, on the jar. I had to do multiple coats of paint because it was a lighter color

4. Set jar aside to dry, grab the lid pieces

5. Paint the lids, again multiple layers will probably need to happen

6. Set lid aside and grab the jar 

7. Paint some paw prints and add a few cute words like, “bark,” “woof” and treats to the jar(and lid if you choose to)

8. Let dry and you have a cute little treat jar to keep your pups favorite treats in!

Send us your recreation of the DIY if you choose to try it 😊