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Emergency Kits

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Emergency Kits
Posted January 10, 2018

Here’s the bad thing about emergencies: they can happen anytime. What if your pet needs emergency care in the middle of the night? Stop what you’re doing right now and go open your medicine cabinet, see if you have any of these things you can add to a kit to have on hand:

        •       Roll cotton

Some cotton balls

Gauze pads

Gauze tape


Hydrogen peroxide (check the expiration date)

Hydrocortisone ointment



Silver nitrate


Oral syringes

Baby food - meat flavors work best

Large towel

Exam gloves

1 inch white tape (in addition to gauze tape)

Pedialyte® or other balanced electrolyte fluid

Rolls of elastic wrap

Emergency ice pack

Thermometer (both oral and rectal thermometers can be used rectally)

A list of emergency phone numbers (for your vet and local emergency clinic)



Nail trimmers


Your list of phone numbers should include the number of an emergency veterinary hospital, a "backup" vet, animal care and control, and animal poison control. Of course you have your own vet but you never know when you may need help. If your pet ever needs emergency medical attention and your vet is unavailable, it is important to know an alternative number you can contact - at any time of the day (or night).