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Posted January 11, 2018

When you've got pets, you've got stains and odors. There's no escaping it. Your rugs and furniture take a real beating from urine, diarrhea and vomit.


As dog owners, pet stains are something we've all experienced. It can be really frustrating, especially because those "accidents" seem to happen in the worst possible places - like on a light-colored sofa or in the middle of your living room carpet.


There are a lot of problems with pet stains. You need to treat them as quickly as possible before they "set" or discolor the area. And if you don't get the odor out too, your dog may come back and soil the same area again. Finally, you've got to consider your pet's safety. The cleaner you use must be non-toxic and pet safe so your dog will not be poisoned by licking his paws after walking on the spot.


The best thing to do is really research products and get a good understanding of them before bringing it around your pets. Even though the stains are not pleasing to the eye, your dogs safety should be #1 and always kept in mind when finding a good stain remover.