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Toys Toys Toys
Posted January 18, 2018

Dogs love toys that squeak. For example, some dogs will go crazy for their squeaky toys until they actually chew them up and pull out the squeaker.

After the toy no longer squeaks, they no longer want to play with it. Not only does this waste money, but it can be dangerous for your dog if they accidentally swallow parts of the toy. So what's going on here? Why would a dog destroy a toy that they seem to love?

Our theory credits instinct with this behavior. When domesticated dogs' ancestors hunted for prey, the animals they caught would squeak or make noises both during and after the hunt. This not only helped the dogs find their next meal, but once the animals were caught the squeaks could be very satisfying to a hungry dog. A squeaky toy can give a dog the same type of satisfaction. Many squeaky toys double as interactive toys and provide another level of intrigue for the curious canine. These types of toys give dogs interaction that stimulates their mind, keeps them busy, and soothes their chewing instinct. 


It's great when dogs are able to chomp away but let's be honest… all that noise can give you a real headache. The more excited that THEY get, the less excited YOU get; those noises just won't stop! You don't want to keep your dog from having fun but the obnoxious squeaking can really get on your nerves.


We love our local places like, Three Dog Bakery, they have toys and treats. Check them out sometime!